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We focus on mail order pharmacy programs for injured workers receiving workers’ compensation.

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How the Program Works

Our mail order pharmacy solution is designed to assist workers’ compensation patients where medical treatments have been accepted and approved by the payer (insurance carrier, third party administrator or employer). We are not able to accept referrals on cases that are in dispute or where medical treatment has not been approved by the payer.

Getting Started

Law firms representing injured workers, or individual lawyers within those firms, can register with MPI. We will provide patient set up forms and use those forms to enter each patient into the pharmacy database. This allows us to be ready to process prescriptions as soon as the doctor requests. We will also provide each patient with a card to be taken to the doctor. The card provides the doctor with the necessary information to file the prescription with our pharmacy. Should the lawyer or injured worker prefer, prescriptions can be faxed to the pharmacy.

Filling and Delivering Prescriptions

Once the pharmacy receives a prescription, the pharmacy will contact the carrier, if necessary, for approval. If approval not needed, or once it is received, the pharmacy will dispense the medication and ship overnight delivery to the patient. We recommend asking your physician for a couple of days’ worth of samples in the event it takes the payer more than a day to respond to our request.

For controlled substances, a signature from someone 18 years of age or older may be required.

All refills will be shipped ahead of time to ensure delivery is made before the existing fill has run out. Patients will never be billed for a prescription, even if the payer refuses payment!

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What our patients and physicians say about MPI Consulting

  • MPI has been extremely easy to work with. My prescriptions always come in on time and the people are professional and wonderful to work with... I never have to worry knowing MPI is working with me and my lawyers. - Lisa K.

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Our Pharmacy Partner

MPI has selected DrugSource as our pharmacy partner.
DrugSource is a leading, national mail order pharmacy based in Illinois.


(Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site) Accredited


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Certified from the Health Information Trust Alliance

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